Small (but impactful) typo on Todo tutorial (ES Next code)

In App.js, the first line reads

import {Todo} from './todo';

but it should be

import { Todo } from './todo';    // Note the spaces within the braces

Otherwise, I get an error when adding a todo item, saying “Todo is not a constructor”.

(As an aside: I’ve just started looking at aurelia let me just say , WOW. I absolutely love it!! Can’t wait to start using it to build something.)

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I found a number of issues with the ToDo app tutorial. I was going to give an intern the task of starting off with the ToDo tutorial. I figured I would go through it first, thinking it wouldn’t take more than 15 minutes. Not the case! Ended up working through all the bugs and posted working solution to GitHub:

I am pretty sure syntactically there is nothing wrong with {Todo} in es6. There is probably something else in your setup pops that error.