Tutorial: Obligatory Aurelia 2 todo list

Well, it was inevitable. As much as I am not a fan of todo apps, there is no disputing they are good for showcasing different parts of a framework, binding, working with data and so on. So, what I am trying to say is, there is now a tutorial where you build a todo application.


Hi, it is missing css to todo-component.css, not in github code, but in the tutorial.

And, please add typescript version.



@ampmonteiro I’ll get that fixed up, thank you. As for TypeScript version, I can properly do that this week. The aim of the tutorial was to show you how to build something with plain JavaScript because the other tutorials so far are TypeScript.


yes, the tutorial was / is very helpful, because some concepts are not yet in the docs.

About typescript, only mention because, for now, majority of the docs are in typescript.

And, of course task / todo apps are always welcome,
so thanks. )