Support Aurelia via OpenCollective

It’s not been posted here on discourse but there were interest in the subject here: Aurelia financial contribution question

There is now a way to support Aurelia team through open collective

A bunch of companies and a lot of individuals already showing their support and appreciation.
I strongly believe that there could be a lot more companies on that list.
Maybe they are not there yet just because they don’t know about it.

So if you work for one of those happy companies that know the secret of not bending their developers to the framework. Bring that up.

Or spread the word.

Oh and it’s not limited to companies.
Anyone can swipe their credit card.

List of backers is updated by Rob Eisenberg himself.
So if you want him to type your name into history of Aurelia -> off you go (-:


Now look at that…
Somebody had brought it up the chain or just a coincidence (-;


Our company is already planning on contributing :wink: Just need to work out the details.