Very early support of Parcel bundler in Aurelia 2

For Parcel lover, Aurelia 2’s Parcel support has reached playable state. Have fun!

To try it, use the “parcel” branch. Note only Jest works for unit tests right now.

npx makes aurelia/new#parcel

You have to choose “Custom Aurelia 2 Project” in the first question, “Application” in second one. A “Parcel” option will show up later when choosing bundler.


@huochunpeng good work … now we just need vite / rollup support. :stuck_out_tongue:

The demo vite/rollup plugin (in vite.config.js) simply wraps our generic @aurelia/plugin-conventions. A full featured one will be bit longer than this (after I finishes work on Parcel :slight_smile:).

This showcases how flexible is the design of Aurelia 2 toolings. If you check the source code of our integration with webpack/parcel/gulp, they are all thin wrappers over @aurelia/plugin-conventions.


@huochunpeng does this work with the Aurelia decorators for the router etc?

I still need to catch up our latest router changes. Our skeleton on router is outdated too. There are many works to be done.

BTW, while vite dev mode is kind of working, the vite build command fails. I am not surprised as vite does separate dev and prod behaviors. There are some limitations in rollup I don’t know how to bypass right now.