VS code IDE support and build time warnings

I am building aurelia v1 solutions with VS code and I noticed that the VS code extension aurelia - Visual Studio Marketplace is supposed to give me intellisense in the html file but I see none. Should it only work in v2 or am I doing something wrong?

There is also an excellent refactor feature the works in the typescript files but that does not update the same references in the HTML-files, what needs to be done to get that to work?

When building the solution I get build time errors/warnings in the TypesScript code but nothing on the HTML-templates. Is there any tool I can add to get that to work?

If there is work to be done to get any of the above to work I am happy to help.


Maybe create an issue here to discuss what the actionable items are? https://github.com/aurelia/vscode-extension

Hey @magnusdanielson ,

is it possible for you to tell me more about your project structure?
The Usage section has some points on that.

Also can you check the Output (invoke command → Output: Focus on output view-> Aurelia v2) in VSCode?
This is my output for a v1 project

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