What version to use? aurelia-18n

After about 2 years of development in Aurelia, we decided to put some effort in updating all npm and composer packages. This includes aurelia-i18n.

The version we used is the latest stable version, but 1,5 years old. The only newer versions are beta versions. But what is the status of the latest beta version? Even that version is several months old.

Perhaps as global idea (since GitHub doesn’t support something like that on their pages): overview page with all Aurelia modules, their stable versions and their latest release (stable/alpha/beta)


AFAIK, the beta version works pretty good. I wrote couple of e2e tests for the package few months back.

If I remember correctly, then the major breaking change introduced in 3.x is the removal of BaseI18N class. You don’t need to extend that to enable translation for your views. You may also refer the changelog for more details.

BTW It is a coincidence that I am also in process of updating au-i18n for my projects to 3.x. So if you can wait for sometime, I may proide an update, how it worked :stuck_out_tongue:


A while back I’ve also updated an old app and besides the mentioned breaking changes there is nothing going on. The major reason was actually because it depends on a 4 major releases later i18next version where it wasnt sure whether that might interfere. But so far I havent noticed anything


@mroeling The update is done. The app is working as expected with au-i18n 3.x :slight_smile:


Great, thanks for the feedback!

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