Where do we go from here

From my perspective, knowledge spreading/sharing could have been done much more effectively (and that would probably increase Framework adoption rate).

  • There is no documentation on general architecture. It makes it difficult to dive deeper into framework functionality or to contribute code. Does not look welcoming.
  • Topics on modularity of framework (which was one of the selling points at the time) are completely missing. For example - how can I use Aurelia’s binding engine alone?
  • Some common sense topics (for example google “router:navigation:success”) are only mentioned on “I Like Kill Nerds” website, article from 2015. I run at times in the situation where this is only website containing any information about the topic (respect to the author!), but the code is outdated (pre-stable Aurelia release).

Generally, documentation always seemed like an afterthought (because there are paid online courses and option for paid technical support?). Information scattered on various websites (if available at all), not SEO friendly (only recently improved), not taking advantage of Stackoverflow, etc…


You really ought to try Syncfusion. They have solved every single issue without fail - even those where I was to blame.

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Agreed Syncfusion awesome and support second to none. However there are shed loads of JavaScript and it would be good to have some pluggable controls (eg datagrid) part of the Aurelia repo rather than having to trawl through loads of GitHub repos only to find issues/gotchas

Script looks awesome. Even better if no need to use Webpack :slight_smile:

And depending on the size of your business, there is a free Community edition: