AUCS results from the survey 1

This survey is being used to collectively define the first three - four project by selecting them from several different categories. After (likely too long) waiting, we received 17 reponses that picked from the predefined set as shown on this image

and three additional topics

  1. I prefer to have a documentation about Aurelia framework for example what are these and how are they work?

    • CompositionEngine
    • BindingContext
  2. How to structure a large application, in general: infrastructure and patterns in order to give some guidelines and best practices.

  3. Application architecture.


From the initial 7 topics, applyingf the mean value criteria of survey’s results, we are going to handle the following three projects initiallu

  1. Aurelia CLI compendium
  2. Authentication / Authorization
  3. Full stack applications with Aurelia as front end
  4. Aurelia Typescript compendium

Additionally, from the set of the three additionally defined topics, the offer 1 (documentation about Aurelia framework) clearly does not belong to AUCS scope - such document belongs to Aurelia proper and we do not want to further dilute our efforts, by doing “core team work” (nor would they be happy to see us do this). After all the attempts to define what is AUCS task I clearly failed in doing that :cry:.

Offers 2. and 3. are basically the same (3. was mine, so I I can say that it perfectly fits offer 2, so I would like to add this even if we do not find too many folks that would like to register themselves as the team for that project (I will post the survey for that registration early next week)

I will create the actual repositories next, with enough initial information about these projects that we can start the design and implementation plans within the context of GitHib.

Any questions / comments?

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Hey. Nice job! :+1: Unfortunately you got just 17 responses. It is still interesting that most people are interested in a fullstack applictaion build with aurelia which relates to your offer 2 and 3 of an application structure.
I want to point to this repository which is an aurelia application example. With all sorts of backend implementations for it here. And if you help me - related Thread - to get it merged on the main site, everyone could easily access it.
Does this help or is even a good starting point for your AUCS project?

Definitively interesting, thanks for this reference. To save space here, please check my additional comments - stay tuned in :smile:

I am very focused on using the same basic set of sample apps throughout all guides we plan to develop and will write more about that concept in a few days.

Thanks for doing this. I did not take the survey because I simply do not have time, right now, to contribute.

It may be interesting to rephrase the survey to “Please rate your interest to the following topics”. This may be outside of the scope of what you’re trying to accomplish but I think it might be helpful. Insight into what is important to users who may not be able to contribute at this time. This may spur people like myself to start contributing.

Anyways, just my take on seeing what is important to everyone.


Hi @Dave
With respect to your explanation

I did not take the survey because I simply do not have time, right now, to contribute.

Please make a judgment call about the nature of the future surveys as it might be that your response might address issues that are relevant globally for AUCS project (disregarding your current availabilty schedule). I will create such survey after we get to start AUCS with the few guides and blogs that seem to have authors interested and hopefully read,

Sounds good. Thank you.