Aurelia 2018 Q3 Update and vNext Progress

The third quarter of 2018 was filled with major advances in our vNext Aurelia implementation along with a few cool new updates in today’s Aurelia. Please head over to the official Aurelia blog and read a summary of the amazing work that happened during the last few months.


Note the html snippet for let is the old broken one. Need add close tag for let, need to remove “self-closing” in input tag as self-closing is noop in browser’s native html5 parser.


Fixed :slight_smile:

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@EisenbergEffect @bigopon @fkleuver

Does exist any single-file component like Vue in Aurelia vNext? I remembered that I formerly had seen .au file in Aurelia vNext repository.

you can just use the inlineView-decorator if all you want is everything in one file. or perhaps the view-decorator. should serve the same purpose as “single-file-component” other than perhaps for formatting purposes.


Yes, I know that but I am sure I had seen .au file in Aurelia vNext repository :smiley: (commit of @bigopon, I think)

i recall seeing that as well, not sure where.

The new sandboxes look great!

I tried to replicate a dialog issue I’m having, and added a dependency on aurelia-dialog and now the sandbox is failing with the error:

Error: BindingLanguage must implement inspectTextContent().

I’ve googled the error and the answer seems to be: rebuild your node_modules folder – and I don’t know how to do that in the sandbox

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maybe you can try deleting all dependencies and then adding aurelia-bootstrapper only.

@HamedFathi @gimerstedt Thanks for your interests. It’s an old prototype of AOT first approach we tested with Aurelia. It was very experimental. When vnext progresses more with plugins side - at least router, it will be revised.


Any chance to have single-file components in Aurelia vNext too?


<style lang="scss">

<script lang="ts">


If you are interested in this feature (or any other for that matter), it would help us if you created a RFC issue in the vNext repo with an example use case.
This would get the discussion going in a slightly more formal manner and allow a spec to start taking shape. If something sensible comes out, we could add it to a particular milestone and start working towards it.

Any community feedback especially in the area of gathering/formalizing specs and requirements is very much welcome.

From a technical perspective we have the architecture in place that allows us to do this sort of thing. But it requires custom parsing, a lot of tests, possibly a custom IDE plugin, etc. So we need to think about what’s desirable and what’s achievable.

I understand the confusion around these files appearing and then disappearing. We simply wanted to clean things up that we weren’t going to work on for some time. It’s just a little too soon for AOT right now. We’ll get there :slight_smile:

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Just to tag on to what @fkleuver has said, please consider creating an RFC on the aurelia/aurelia repo to begin working out the details of single file components. Our new architecture makes this possible and it’s something we’ve talked about doing. We’re not ready to implement it yet but that doesn’t mean that all the details can’t be worked out now and research can’t be done by community members who are passionate about this. We’d love that kind of contribution.

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