Aurelia view/template variables


This is one frustrating point about the docs. I know I read about a new feature (a while back) about new view/template variable but I can’t find it in the docs and I can’t remember which blog post I read it in. I wish we could get any new features added to the docs when they are added to the framework…unless I’m totally missing this?? I ended up having to search through all the blog history in order to find <let />. Why can’t anyone who adds a feature, jump into the docs and add that?? Just a rant.



I agree there is a lack of documentation on some specific area’s and I have to say after reading this I realized I’m also to blame. I recently added something and completely forgot to document, going to do that in a couple minutes.

Now that you have identified a lack of documentation did you/could you please create an issue on GitHub or even better provide a pull request adding the documentation?

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I knew about <let/> reading one of the monthly update, then totally forgot about it until now.

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Its here declarative conputrd properties



Starting to type “Declarative” into the documentation search field immediately brings up “Declarative Computed Values” as the first result. Typing “let” brings up nothing. But if “let” was in the title of that section, it would make it easier to search. eg.

Declarative Computed Values: let

Embedding “let” into the title is a bit ugly, but it does have the advantage that it will jump out at someone browsing through the documentation looking for it when they can’t remember what the keyword was.

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Declarative Computed Values using <let/> ?

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My apologies all. I was looking in the cheat sheet, which I most often refer to, and couldn’t find it in there. Should have looked in the more detailed section for sure. At the time I didn’t know the technical name “Declarative” was what to look for. I tried initially searching <let </let and just let but didn’t came up with any results, maybe because the search engine on Discourse doesn’t consider code snippets. Thanks all for your replies.

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Is this a question? ___



I meant how about changing the page title to that



To me it seems the general need is just to have all the built in custom elements, attributes, value converters, decorators and the like searchable through the docs. Though many don’t really have their own page.

Because I’d hazard a guess that most people when using the docs really just wanna know how XYZ component works or want to remember how it works.

It probably wouldn’t hurt to have a flat category list page listing each built in item as a link to its page as well.

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