Aurelia vNext 2019 Fall Update

As we approach the first major release of Aurelia vNext, we’ve got a special treat for you. It’s time to announce the official framework name and provided a more in-depth look into the work that’s been done so far and what’s next to come.

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The blog post has also been submitted to Hacker News as well if anyone in the community wants to engage in commentary over on that side of the techsphere:


Aurelia 2 looks very promising! Thanks to all the contributors for their work.


I’m really looking forward to upgrading. The performance gains alone are going to be huge for my application.


I think what’s missing from the post (or did I personally miss that part?) is which of these new or enhanced cool things can be checked out today?

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Just about everything that is marked (NEW) or (ENH). However, bear in mind that we haven’t documented all of this and aren’t yet ready to support people actively using it just yet. We still need to fix a few more things, get some more docs, and prepare for an official release where we’re ready to support you all.


Great work! I’m looking forward this next version.

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