Both Optional Chaining (?.) and Nullish Coalescing (?) just got merged to TypeScript

Optional Chaining (user?.address?.zipCode) in this TS issue and Nullish Coalescing (x ?? y) in this TS issue got merged in the same day on the TypeScript 3.7 branch (to be released in November 2019 (yes this year finally)…

It surely made my day :sunny:


TypeScript 3.7 is now in Beta until release in early November as can be seen in this Ms Blog


Great to hear some TS-news via this forum.
Keep posting the good stuff, thank you very much.

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FYI :slight_smile:


It’s now official, TypeScript 3.7.2 is now live and is the final release version. You can get it from NPM and read the Microsoft Blog Post :star_struck:

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