Development Win - Mobile game

I want to share a little love to show off the versatility of Aurelia.
Today I have released the prototype of my game The Factory Must Grow. I love using Aurelia to develop the gui, I really don’t have to worry about aligning my syntax to it. It’s wonderfully adaptive, I was able to build not just the game, but the data editor and easily switch between them.

I love the work you guys do, and it does inspire me to develop my own projects to help others!


awesome, a link would be great

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oh wow, this is super addictive. great work. i really liked the tutorial and the motivating texts.

would be great turning this into a PWA for installability and more realestate by removing the address bar and the likes.

That is my goal. Adding the pwa stuff is a requirement to getting an html5 game on Google Play.
Besides, it’s just so much cooler having a website that’s using tech to it’s potential.

fully agree, especially with all the more recent stuff like idle detection and others you get really crucial benefits, especially for games. keep us posted about your progress

cool game.

how many days did it take you?

A year and a half, less than hobby-time. I left my job about a month ago to develop this full time and it’s made much better progress (it’s journaled on github).

A good portion of the development time is also in some custom libraries I’m developing for the game engine. I read a web survey a few years ago that showed web workers were under-utilized, so I’ve been vectoring towards having the complete game engine operate in a web worker, while two other libraries work to generate the gui and composite user commands into the web worker.


thats cool.