DevExtreme UI Bridge

I am interested in a DevExtreme UI Bridge for Aurelia. It’s unclear to me what the scope of such of project would be? I see for example this DevExtreme generic wrapper using jQuery. But since DevExtreme has now made optional the jQuery dependency, a more specific set of wrappers for each component without the jQuery dependency would be ideal. It’s unclear to me how large an undertaking this would be.
@adriatic , I understand you were involved with the development of the existing bridge toolkits. Can you give an idea of the scope of a project like this? I also see that DevExpress has now released a Vue integration. I’m not sure if that would be of any help in developing an Aurelia integration or not?

I am also wondering if there are others who would be interested in such an integration and/or contributing to it (either development or financially to support developers working on it)?

As often stated, past experience is the best predictor for the future. Based on such metric Aurelia DevExtreme bridge is at least one man year (full time) project, meaning that if you order it from an US shop, it would cost you $100K or more.

This would be a significantly smaller task if our (Aurelia-Tools) group’s “bridge framework” used in Aurelia Materialize and Aurelia Synfusion bridge projects, is used for Aurelia DevExtreme bridge.

Given the current trend where Telerik, Syncfusion and now DevExtreme teams released non-jQuery based versions of their toolkit, I do not believe that creating yet another Aurelia bridge to a Jquery based toolkit makes sense.

Wow, that’s a larger task than I expected. Thanks for this—exactly what I wanted to know.

I haven’t looked at the source but I solo converted a material bootstrap design Aurelia wrapper in less than a week only at nights.

@brandonseydel If I understand correctly you mean you removed the jquery dependency from an exisiting, jquery dependent Aurelia wrapper project?