Hiring for Established Aurelia / .NET 5 Project

I am looking to hire part time, or full time, software engineer for an Aurelia/.NET Core 5 C# Stack.
Looking to hire someone for a while, 6+ months if possible, and could keep them on for as long as they wanted to continue working with me.

We do online games trading. Our main website can be found here: https://chicksgold.com/

All built in Aurelia, and we also have an admin panel that is as well.

We have a very established code base, everything is dockerized and CI’d so no extra work there needed.
We have a long list of features and enhancements to get done and would love to get some help!

THERE IS NO SET HOURS. Work when you want, for as long as you want. we only have 2 meetings a week and only one of them is mandatory.

If you or anyone you know is looking for work and is interested please let me know!

collin@chicksgold.com - Email
Collin#9999 - Discord


I’m still hiring several positions.