How collection virtualization will be handled in vNext?

This is just a question out of curiosity. I recently have a non-optimal experience with infinite scrolling of large lists.

Naively, I tried to listen the scroll event of my table (list), and kept on appending chunks of data to the main list. This resulted in monstrous DOM and thereby slow performance.

I tried the “aurelia-ui-virtualization” package, but that too didn’t work as smooth as expected.

For the time being, I will fallback to pagination, with the expectation that list virtualization can be used in future that provides better experience. That’s why I am curious about the state of list virtualization in vNext. How the problem of dealing with large lists are dealt with in vNext?

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Since vNext binding and templating is done differently (cleaner), it should be much easier to implement virtual-repeat in a robust manner. I’m very much looking forward to implementing it once we get to that point, so you can expect something nice when it’s done :slight_smile:
In the mean time by all means feel free (it would even be appreciated) to open an RFC issue in the vNext repo to describe how you would be using it, what you need it to be capable of, etc.


Done :slight_smile: