How to use post routes with mongo?

I’m trying to use mongo with Aurelia and having a difficult time, I’m building the todo app from the main page but now I want my data to persist through the use of a database (mongo). I’m using node as well, but for now I just want to see how it works with Aurelia. Can someone explain how I would go about using a POST method along with a click delegate?

<form action="/add_item" method="POST">
		<input type="text" value="" name="listItem" value.bind="todoDescription">
		<button click.delegate="addTodo()" type="submit">Add Todo</button>

Hi Brett

You need to choose between your form sending a POST request to your server,
or your submit button calling the function addTodo(), which will in its turn will do the POST request.

I assume you already have a POST rout in your nodejs serve.

If you want more detailed help, I need some more code.