Leveraging react native framework for the new jsx aurelia

Has there been any thought about using the new JSX createElement framework to piggyback off of react native and get some leverage in developing truly native mobile apps with Aurelia? Man would this be huge for the community :wink:

We’re looking at something like NativeScript, which we think is a better fit for Aurelia. @bigopon is prototyping a Renderer abstraction. The idea would be that we have an HTML Renderer and a NativeScript Renderer. We’ve got HTML up and running and @bigopon has a simple version of a PIXI.js Renderer. So, once we prototype the NativeScript one we’ll work out the abstraction so that it’s pluggable. That’s the plan at least.

https://github.com/bigopon/aurelia-vnext-pixijs it appears. I will look into it. Good job on vNext. Looks like next year may be a breakthrough for us.

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