Looking for a Senior Developer

Hey everyone,

as some may know I’m working as a Teamlead/Senior Dev for a company called Ranorex, based in Austria/Graz, where we’re building a new tool called Ranorex Webtestit. It’s an Electron based app, of course using Aurelia, which aims at being a IDE with focus on creating E2E tests, using the PageObject pattern, with Selenium.
The app makes use of the fantastic Monaco Editor, which drives VSCode, as such it comes with all the bells and whistles.

We’re a small team of eight people, including a dedicated Designer, Support and Content guy and would like to add another Senior dev to our team. While we do value remote working, and part of our team is based in Bosnia/Banja Luka, we’ve simply had better experiences with having people sit together in an office. As such we’re looking for someone interested in moving to Graz.

Instead of telling you the usual BS about how we value Scrum, which we don’t we’re more the Lean guys :wink: , have boring every-day-the-same-crud projects and so on I’d like to give you insights in typical tasks we’re working on:

  • Build a staging panel for enhanced Git integration
  • Support multi-tabbed code windows
  • Create a custom TSLint rule for uniqueness checks of describe/it blocks
  • Implement a custom code-lens behavior to execute single tests or a whole test-suite
  • Evaluate filewatchers nsfw vs chokidar

No more yet-another-form or just-one-more-shop-site, we’re building a product where you and the team are stakeholders and decide how to improve the tool since it’s a tool for Devs (, and Testers) by Devs. Best of all? You’ll have chance to contribute back to Aurelia as part of your day-job. One of such examples is the Aurelia Store plugin.

Sounds interesting? Just PM me and I’ll promise you, we’ll have a nice HR-free conversation to let you know more about us and get to know you better.


Heh, if I wasn’t neck deep with the current job, I would most certainly apply. BTW, I’m from Banja Luka too and know few guys from the local team :slight_smile:


Well who knows what time brings. I’ll be visiting BL in summer, maybe I should try to convince you about our better opportunity with the aid of some Nectar :wink:

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And maybe I could try to convice you to have a talk on our local user group when you are here? Aurelia based talk would be very appreciated :wink:


Reckon you could share this? I’d be interested in using it.

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You can find the mentioned linter rule here https://github.com/rxse/webtestit-lint-rules

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