Markdown Editor Recommendations

Hi All,
Looking for some opinions on embedded Markdown Editors for Aurelia. I know @EisenbergEffect used CKEditor in his intermediate training videos, but that choice appears to be more focused on how to bring in a legacy component and handle its idiosyncrasies. However the new version 5 is out now.

Was looking at Quill and md.editor as well, but I have no hard a fast requirements other then I’d like to include something with decent formatting feature set (used for embedded editor for news and announcements).

What have you used, and what was a pleasure to work with, and which were stinkers if any?


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Hey @elitemike,
Thanks for the reply. Have you used that with some of your Aurelia or general web projects?

experimented with it only. I used to use markdownpad, but that no longer works. We are using Sphinx for documentation now which is structured text, so I haven’t had a need for a markdown editor. I do need a structured text editor though :frowning:

So I looked at that, and it appears to be an app, not a web component, at least that is what I get seeing only downloads for mac, windows, linux.

I updated my OP to note an embedded editor.

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I don’t have direct answer, but here is some relevant project you may find interesting

That’s pretty interesting, way overkill for what I need for this project, but will have to bookmark that.

I use simplemde (, which is a wrapper on top of codemirror.
Works pretty well for me.

I even use to enable real-time, multi-user editing for simpledme.

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Thanks for the input, and note on the multi-user for simplemde.