New Aurelia app on Ethereum

Hi, dunno where to post something like this. I had a chance to get back to using Aurelia after a couple years away from it…and just released another Aurelia web app running against the Ethereum blockchain. The executable code itself is stored and accessed from IPFS, the url domain created on ENS.

Here it is:


This is really awesome, you might be the first Ethereum Aurelia app. I have a few Aurelia based blockchain apps on Hive in production as well. One of which is and


Well, this one would have to be at least the second Ethereum Aurelia app because I wrote another one, released in spring 2019. It is no longer accessible because it served its purpose in launching the dxDAO to govern the DutchX DEX.

Source code here: daostack/dutchx-bootstrapper-ui (


Actually, there was a third, the first one I wrote, called Vanille, which was just a user interface for DAOstack’s early Arc ethereum contracts.

On github: vanille (

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Looks cool what you’re doing with Hive @dwaynecharrington

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