Programatic signalling of Aurelia value converter

I’m trying to get signalling working in value converters outside of the typical aurelia templating process.

I want to be able to signal my value converter to re-bind (as per but I have a dynamic template and I’m applying the value converter by just getting it from the container and calling myconverter.toView(params).

Doing it this way is bypassing the calling of ValueConverter.prototype.connect which occurs as part of the template binding process. ValueConverter.prototype.connect is where the signals are registered, so my signal is not being picked up…

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You can think of value converter as something like a blueprint customize bindings to behave in a certain way. In that sense, it’s kind of odd if you don’t give it any bindings to alter.

What I guess you want to do is to reuse the toView method inside a value converter. If so, I think you can extract that bit out and make it a shareable/reusable method for any part of your app.