Trying to implement my first Signalable Value Converter

Using the documentation here I’m trying to implement a Signalable Value Converter.

My situation is that I’m asynchronously loading Vendors and their ShipZones via API calls. ShipZones are loaded after Vendors and filtered into the matching Vendor.

On my page I want to only display Vendors that have ShipZones. Since ShipZones will be added “sometime after” Vendors exist, it seemed to me a Signalable Value Converter was the way to go in order to have the repeat.for reevaluate when ShipZones are added to a Vendor.

Unfortunately, based on the documentation, I can’t seem to figure what code is executed to “fire” the trigger.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Did you try

import {signalBindings} from 'aurelia-framework';


I did, but now that I’ve had some sleep, I realize I wasn’t doing so in the appropriate place. Thanks!

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less is more, except sleep

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