Syncfusion EJ2 bridge

I published aurelia-syncfusion-ej2-bridge. It is very much an early build. With the changing work environment, i needed to make it public. This is more of a heads up that it is coming than go grab it now if you need it.

At some point I’ll move the source to github as well as provide some documentation.

Basic usage would be as follows. Same concept as the other bridges that have been built

 <ej2-text-box e-value.bind="textBoxValue" view-model.ref="textBox" e-on-input.delegate="onInput($event)"
    e-on-focus.delegate="onFocus()" e-on-blur.delegate="onBlur()" e-placeholder="My placeholder"
export class TextBoxDemo {
  textBox = null;
  textBoxValue = "initial"
  onInput(args: CustomEvent) {
    // console.log("input clicked", args.detail);

  onFocus() {
    // console.log("focus")

  onBlur() {
    //  console.log("blur")

  attached() {
    let _this = this;

    setTimeout(() => {
      this.textBoxValue = "Updated "
    }, 5000);