Q: status of Aurelia 1 now that Aurelia 2 is in beta

Aurelia 2 now in beta is really great news of course.

But what will happen with support for Aurelia 1? Several (sub) packages have issues with regards to deprecation, security et cetera. What can we expect in the next couple of weeks/months with regards to these issues?

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Aurelia 1 is used in production, where Aurelia 2, even though it might be stable, per definition is less suited as it is in beta. So what about Au1 support? Will it be up to community, or will there be effort by the main team in the future for Au1 as well?

There’s been no plan to deprecate Aurelia 1, so applications can continue to use it. It’ll receive support/features but the focus will mostly be on bug fix/critical features.


Thanks for your reply.

Although I fully understand the focus on au2, and I am glad to have confirmed that Aurelia 1 is not to be deprecated, it does not take away the feeling that dependency updates are not performed as often as could/should. That’s why I brought up this initial question.

It’s also reflected on the github repository. Several open issues, and a number of open PR’s related to package updates.

So I hope that Aurelia 1 will get the attention that it deserves as mature version, at least as long Aurelia 2 is not final.

If it’s the dev deps then I think it should be fine for us, since resolving dev dep upgrade doesn’t provide much value while it’ll for sure cost some effort, the production deps have been taken care not too badly. For issues that take long or don’t have an easy way to resolve or , it’s hard to focus on it unless there’s sufficient help (repro/discussion/push) from community members.