Vs code aurelia extension

Is anyone supporting this extension anymore? The repo doesn’t seem to have any new work for a while. Auto complete breaks the default auto complete for tags like div. Extremely frustrating. The number 1 feature I use it for is open associated file.


Hey elitemike,

I’m in “charge” of the extension, but true, that no work was done since January
(according to commits. I have a v2 version of the extension in WIP, but essentially stopped at the end of Feb).
I do feel bad about it :frowning:

Could you provide a GIF/video of the described issue?
Also if possible, a minimal sample repo.

FWIW: I’m using the extension myself this whole time, and things work for me.
Note, that I only encounter bugs for my use cases, and I haven’t noticed a behavior, that you described


THanks, Will do. I’m off today but it occurs on my machines at home and work as well as my co-workers so thankfully it’s not just me

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Hey - would it be possible to upload the vsix files for non vscode users? I use the oss version of code on linux and am unable to connect to the microsoft repository for extensions. Instead - there is an open repository here:

Another alternative would maybe to upload the vsix file to the github tag releases page?

I uploaded the latest version (2.1.4) to the Releases on Github Release 2.1.4 · aurelia/vscode-extension · GitHub.

Thanks for bringing this missing piece to the release process up!
(The .vsix file is 20MB, probably way larger than needed. I just didn’t looked into optimizing this part yet)


Nice! that worked and I was able to get it working immediately! Thank you so much!

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