Breaking changes when moving to vnext

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Is there a list somewhere listing out the changes we would need to do to move over to aurelia vnext or will it be compatible with current?


Nothing definitive AFAIK, but the core developers have stated multiple times that most of the changes are under the hood, and unless you are using low-level API’s migration should be fairly painless.

a quote from @fkleuver on gitter a couple of weeks ago:

All that being said, 2.x is intended to be a small breaking change. Mostly those who are using low level / poorly documented API’s of v1 can expect some migration work, but the common and well-known api’s will either remain the same or have a compatibility layer with mappings. Most people can expect migration to be fairly painless. The difference between durandal and v1 is much bigger than the difference between v1 and v2 for sure, so a big step from durandal to v1 and then a tiny step from v1 to v2 makes it that investing in v1 right now isn’t necessarily a waste of time.

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