CodeSmash (Built with Aurelia)

I’ve started redesigning CodeSmash and preparing for an LTD campaign. As soon as the redesign is done I’ll offer a lifetime access to CodeSmash for a one-time payment.

Yes, I’m still using Aurelia v1 for the redesign, but hoping v2 becomes stable enough to start using it at some point.


New design is shaping up quite nicely. Can’t wait to release it. :smiley:

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Got feedback that colors were too bright, so I toned them down.


Hey everyone.

CodeSmash has recently earned ¥1.03M ($7K) from the recent LTD campaign. This is a great result and as a platform which is fully built in Aurelia is a proof that Aurelia is a world class JavaScript framework and can be used to build SaaS services which can compete with the best ones out there.

CodeSmash is still in its MVP phase, but new features are being added all the time. Any requests for new features are welcome.


This is great. JPY is cool.

I stared at Github and Product Hunt.

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:tada: Guys, I’ve done a major improvement to CodeSmash today.

In the API Builder, you can now minimize functions, data table and the function execution result. I’ve also changed the skip function icon to toggle button. The buttons have tooltips as well and they do the following

  • green - goes full screen
  • yellow - minimize
  • red - close

:partying_face: Things I still have to add:

  • autosave functions
  • filter table data
  • make fulls screen table look like the default one
  • show result in full screen as well

:man_technologist: After that no more UI changes for a while, because I’ll add functional stuff like:

  • define partition and sort keys
  • define indexes for querying
  • make sure this gets saved to git repo (this will be hard but a big requirement)

Just a quick update on what I did last week and what’s coming next!

Say what you will guys, but what I’m envisioning with my API Builder is this kind of Aurelia integration. Imagine deploying Aurelia apps with a single click, already integrated with a backed API, database, Stripe payments, user authentication, analytics all running on your private AWS account. :grinning:

This would be ideal for agencies which build many apps for their clients. Once your job is done, you would easily just transfer access of the AWS account to your client and be done with it. :sunglasses:


Wow, I was playing around with OpenUI and looking into ways to integrate Aurelia, but you seem to already have an Aurelia-focused builder with some backend in the mix.

Are you leveraging an LLM or is this a strictly expert system?

Hey Andy, yest its all built with Aurelia.

I’m currently focusing on the API Builder. This will mostly be used by the No Code people to build their APIs without any coding skills. Then, once that’s done, I’ll be focusing on the UI Builder as well. I’m building solo, but if you know anyone who would like to contribute, feel free to recommend someone! :slight_smile:

The biggest problem I see with Aurelia-based apps today is that there is no actual community to speak of. I’m fine with building the platform by myself, but I’d have a much wider reach and support if the Aurelia community was bigger.

Its been a month since my last update. I’ve been sick for 2 weeks so couldn’t work on CodeSmash at all, but I’ve managed to deliver the Indexing Strategy feature as promised. :wave::blush:

To showcase this, I’ve posted a new YouTube video, showing how to use CodeSmash to optimally design a DynamoDB database to support your queries using indexes. This update is part of the large No Code API Builder feature, on which I’ve been working since January! :astonished:

Now that that the Indexing Strategy part is complete, I’m working on the last part of the API Builder, which is saving your business logic into your AWS account. Once done, you will be able to use the API Builder to build backend logic for your apps and replace monthly subscriptions to services such as Xano, which start at $99/mo! :tada:

Also, keep in mind that this is in preparation to the next big CodeSmash LTD Sale, which will be sometime in July. Please keep checking back everyone and stay hungry for more! :blush::+1:

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