Going to start working on a new No Code platform soon

Hey guys, I’m planning to build a new No Code platform which is aimed at both technical and non-technical people.

Any changes on the UI, including the backend infrastructure, would be saved as code in your private Git repos. This way there is no lock in- since you run your apps directly on your cloud platform of choice by default. This would also enable both tech and non-tech people to work together on the project since all changes would basically be synced to a shared repo.

I’m now trying to form a founding team, and was able to get some traction on Reddit, Indie Hackers and Facebook groups and got some non-tech people who are interested in validating this idea. The UI is going to be built in Aurelia, so let me know if you’re interested in joining or you need more info!


That sounds very ambitious! Not too familiar with a No Code platform, is this similar to a WYSIWYG?

Hey Andy! Yes, that’s exactly what it is. Just yesterday I had a meeting with a non-tech guy who is interested in working with me, so we have officially started and he is going to be in charge of promoting the project.

You can see the landing page here https://codesmashapp.com

As far as MVP goes, we would be aiming to automate the backend first, so the goal would be to have a UI editor where you can drag-and-drop UI elements and connect them together into something which represents your backend resources, APIs, DBs, etc.

In the background, we would have a config file generated which would be stored in your Git repo, so you can take what you designed with you and replicate your infrastructure on any cloud platform of your choice.

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