Contributing to vNext


Have we passed a tollgate for contributions yet? I would like to start contributing to the development of the second iteration. I feel like there is a list of features and requests that need to get added with a general idea of how you want them done, and I would love to help speed up vNext’s release.


Really happy to hear this :slight_smile:
Help is always greatly appreciated, so big thanks for asking about it!

It depends on the kind of stuff you want to work on and how much time you are able/willing to invest in learning about the internals. A significant part of the API surface is still undocumented and not all preliminary comments/docs that have been written so far have necessarily stayed accurate throughout the refactors.

With that said, there is a significant amount of polishing work to do in several areas which have kind of stabilized now. Also, it probably wouldn’t hurt to get some early feedback from the community on how it is to work with the new version in the first place. This would help us improve on aspects that matter for plugin developers.

By all means feel free to go ahead and open/comment if you see any issue you’d be interested in picking up. We can take it from there :slight_smile:


Absolutely @brandonseydel Please come join us in working on vNext along with anyone else from the community who reads this :smile:

A good place to start is by looking through the RFC issues in the aurelia/aurelia repo. There may be some there that you want to provide feedback on or perhaps help to work on. You may also see something that’s missing that you want to create an RFC for. If you’re looking to ease in to the process, then one big open area we have is to port a number of the plugins from vCurrent over to our vNext monorepo and fix them up to ensure they work with the new build process and new framework versions. So, this would be things like i18n, store, fetch-client, validation, etc.

Let me know what interests you most and I’ll try to guide you and get you connected with the right people. Thanks!