GitHub topic woes

Can we get official topic created so we can get extra stars flying.


@brandonseydel I think this is a great idea. I’m wondering if you would be willing to give it a go? I saw a PR template for that repo and it appears that people from our core team aren’t able to submit. They don’t want people affiliated with the project itself to submit. It could be anyone from our community who wants to help us be represented, but probably not me or the core team.

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Is there a particular image you want me to put a PR in with?

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Do you need a particular size or format? I’ve got various PNG sizes and I’ve got SVG as well.

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I will let you know after the day job.


I need A 288X288 png. I am sure I could find one, but I would rather have the creator send me the one to put a PR in with.

Also I am setting up a wiki page aurelia.js to link to.

I put in two pull requests. One to add the topic, and another to add to an existing collection.

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I’ve uploaded a bunch of logo/icon media files to the site so you (and anyone else) can get whatever you need in the future. Here’s the thread with the list: Aurelia Media File List If you need a PNG that’s not listed, you should be able to create it from one of the SVGs. If you have any trouble, let me know and I can do a custom rendering.


FYI - Finally up and running I need to change aliases to relate to other topics I need to create


Awesome! Definitely let me know if you need anything from me during the process and thank you for taking the initiative.