Immersive Communities a Social Media Platform built with Aurelia

Hi everyone, I’m Mario, the creator of Immersive Communities.

I’ve been working in my spare time as s solo-developer on this project for the last 4 years and finally completed it last month. The front-end is completely done in Aurelia so I think its a good showcase of what can be done with Aurelia by a single person.

The idea behind the project is very simple.

Immersive Communities is a social media platform for content creators where they can create and monetize their own communities and collaboratively write articles about their interests. Each community can be monetized with member subscriptions and self-service ads. Payments have been implemented with Stripe.

A user can register a community from the main page and it will be available on the subdomain of his choice. I chose the PWA-first approach so each community can be installed on desktop or mobile and behaves as a full-screen app.

Articles are written in Markdown by default and can be linked together to form a knowledge base like Wikipedia. Each community has its own search function which is build with Algolia. For each article we also have recommendations, done with Recombee to show more articles so the user will have a Pinterest-like experience while reading. Each article also supports adding images using Cloudinary and embedding of links using Embedly.

Members can also communicate using real-time messages, which was done in Twilio. The community is localized in 10 languages using Locize. The rest of the back-end was built and unified on AWS using serverless architecture.

I would like to thank you for this incredible framework and I have not looked back or though of switching to another one at any point during the development. Feel free to check out Immersive Communities and let me know if you have any questions.


Impressive work @mario.stopfer !!

Now I know about navigator.share awesome!!

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Hey Alex, navigator.share is one of my favorite tricks! Especially since it works on both mobile and desktop.

But activating the native share feature on mobile devices is why it’s so useful and it looks nice. Blends in well with the device you’re using.