Protecting me from myself!

I made a typo here which produced no error in Google development tools.

   <input type="number" value.bind="value | number & updateTrigger:'blur" placeholder="${placeholder}">

The typo is the missing ` after blur, i.e.

number & updateTrigger: 'blur"

instead of

number & updateTrigger: 'blur'"

The result of this typo is that the binding does not get updated. Of course my app completely stopped working … boy did I get into a panic …

I think I raised something similar to this some time ago.

Perhaps, as with the previous typo error that got fixed in the compiler, the same could be done for this one?


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This is a good case, and we should be able to improve in our vscode extension. I’m not sure about WebStorm Aurelia extension, it seems to be advanced, maybe it already is aware of this.

Is this something that will be able to be caught and notify on during the build process in vNext when doing AOT compilation?

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Definitely will be able to catch this with AOT.

Though I’m sure the vCurrent expr parser should be throwing on this as well…