Sunday night round-table discussions

Would anyone be interested in doing a Sunday night (hour-long) round-table to discuss Aurelia and other frameworks, like Svelte/SvelteKit? I’ve been going through the Svelte tutorials, and although I don’t like how it handles a lot of things (I think it gets in the way of itself, from required file names and how it handles data/events), some things like SvelteKit are nice. I like the idea of getting away from webpack and going the Vite/Snowpack way, and maybe even offer integration with Astro.

Anyway, we could do something on a Discord channel or other chatting service, and maybe even something that offers video to do screensharing or cams (so you all can see my ugly mug!! :slight_smile: ).

Let me know if anyone is interested. I might just move ahead with it, even if I’m a loan wolf. I really think Aurelia could benefit a lot, and maybe this would even give me the confidence to contribute to the project.


I mean honestly if the Aurelia users were to do something like this, I’d rather use the time to potentially pair program on a feature to progress Aurelia 2. I’d definitely be down to give time to that.

An easy one that I think would get users started even knowing about Aurelia (because I’d bet most devs now have never heard about it) would be to create an Aurelia plugin for Vite (there is one in the Aurelia 2 repo that needs some mods)and then create an MR to include the aurelia as a CLI option in Vite. This is probably one of the biggest reasons Aurelia never gained much traction is because it didn’t get any exposure… Adding it as a CLI option to Vite would do this.

Another thing, one of the barriers of entry for me to contribute to the Aurelia 2 code base is because it is large, I’m not familiar with the code architecture, and have looked at some of the code and it is meaningless to me without some context. If a core contributor was willing to join and perhaps do a quick “how to” for the design, architecture, etc. it might get others more interested in contributing time.

Would you and others be down for an option like this instead?


I think this is a great idea. If we could have one or more core devs involved to discuss both the process/direction and offer input/advise to new contributors on specific contributions (like a q/a session on the technical side). Even if it’s only once per month, it would be beneficial to all.

Should I just set something up for the last Sunday of each month, with the first one on March 31. We’d need to decide a time.

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An example of help is, when something like this

(there is one in the Aurelia 2 repo that needs some mods

comes with some more information on what mods it needs. There should be at least some details, or area of focus to look at, If you just want general ideas, then maybe there’s not much can be offered beside the Github issues.

For non development related help, it’s all up to people’s passion, or what kind of fun they want to have. For example, I don’t see myself going to engage in the front of advertising and propagating Aurelia much, this is personal choice, and other core team members may have different opinions.

For the comment on the code base is large, I’d say we should just focus on a particular area, especially for some framework like Aurelia where the concrete implementation isn’t directly used, so the indirection will be annoying if you try to look at everything at the start.

If we are fighting for a good position in the popularity ladder, I think the dust is quite settled. All in the community will have to work a few times harder, for a long time, than we do currently to change anything. For me, I’m happy with the way I write code in Aurelia, the learning and the joy comes with using Aurelia, and there’ others who also like it that way, so I consider that’s good enough. Like the other thread mentioned, Svelte maybe a good choice, you can also use it, master it, make a living with it and later contribute ideas to make Aurelia better, if that’s what you want to see.

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I love the idea of an Aurelia roundtable. My schedule is quite full on with kids and whatnot, however, I think one night once or twice a month would be a good thing. I also work with other Aurelia developers who would participate in these discussions and group working events too.

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I think that’s a good idea too. I would also find it very interesting to see what kind of projects other developers create with Aurelia.

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Well, let’s set something up for 2024-04-01T00:00:00Z on the official Aurelia Discord events channel. I also think that Discord allows for optional video conferencing, right? This is just a suggestion, and we can stick with it if there is no objection.

I’ll just throw out some topics we can discuss, and everyone can add their own. Just suggestions.

  • Introductions
  • Status and roadblocks to reaching v2
  • Features of interest to attendees, and concerns
  • Feature comparison to other frameworks (and why that does/doesn’t matter)
  • How can new contributors jump into the codebase - which issues could be tackled
  • How to evangelize Aurelia to grow the community

I figure we can meet for a half hour, and extend that if needed. Make this a monthly or bi-weekly thing, depending on engagement and momentum.


The Discord Aurelia 2 Events channel has had no post since May 2021



I added a notification to that channel.

Just a quick reminder for anyone interested in joining, our first meeting is about to begin. It’s a slim night for sure! :joy:

Just message me (manksee) in #events and I will add you to the invite video. All are welcome!

The first meeting is in the books! Thanks davidska for joining me, and the great conversation. Below is a summary of areas of interest.

  1. Adding official Vite support
  2. Finish and enhance SSR, compare offerings
  3. v2 Doc completion
  4. I (manks/manksee) will go through the v2 docs and do a video for each section. This will be used to both teach and evangelize Aurelia. My target will be one video per month to start, or at least one section.
  5. I’m older than dirt.

The meetup time of 8pm NY might not be good for everyone, so the next meeting will attempt a time to benefit everyone. It was mentioned that the top three zones are USA East, UK, and Australia). How does 6am San Fran → 9am NY → 1pm UK → 9-11pm Australia sound? If we get anyone from the US West Coast interested, maybe we can push that back 30-60 minutes if enough people agree. 6am on a Sunday is EARLY! :slight_smile:

In keeping with the my initial schedule thought, the last Sunday of the month seems like a good day. So, how about the next meeting on April 28 at 9am NY (6am San Fran → 9am NY → 1pm UK → 9-11pm Australia)? If that doesn’t work for a maintainer, let me know.

Thanks everyone! Look forward to the next meeting.


I hate that I missed it, but honestly didn’t think about it being Easter when you first posted the date. Mornings on a Sunday would be hard for me to make, but don’t schedule around me because I have young kids. I’ll try to attend when I can and will definitely read the meeting minutes.

Days and times are not set in stone. It all depends on who is interested. Maintainers and contributors get the highest priority in selecting the time! :joy:

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