Upcoming Aurelia Conferences/Events?


As a newcomer to Aurelia (though I’ve been following it casually for a couple of years now), I’m interested in any upcoming conferences or other events where Aurelia will be represented with trainings, talks, or other Aurelia-specific sessions. The latest latest information I have found on the site was this blog post from Feb 2016. From that post, it doesn’t sound like anything’s really happened since Blue Spire took direct ownership of the project.

I’ve seen a few training packages and workshops offered by private training orgs; but I’m more interested in the more community-oriented, developer conference-type events, such as those seen on this random list.

Does anyone know of anything planned? Does Blue Spire (or other core contributors) expect to get involved in these in the future?


This is one of the most frustrating aspects of using Aurelia. It has gotten to the point where it is almost embarrassing to say that you use it, because no one has ever heard of it.

There is a conference in Park City, UT in October called Framework Summit. I noticed Aurelia wasn’t being represented, so I emailed the organizers to ask if I could help in any way. I got a response “I’m working on it with Rob. I’ll let you know if there’s anything specific you can do.” That was in March and I haven’t heard anything since and I seen it is still not being represented.


Sadly yes, I really find myself on the defensive when talking about it. When talking to developers who uses React I get the “this guy must be stupid” look.

It’s hard to challenge what they fundamentally believe and React (and VDOM framework) really believe performance is better when benchmarks show they’re not and there is basically no difference. I find the developer (and developer who picks up the app after you) experience much better with Aurelia.

Nothing new here though :slight_smile:

I’ll probably end working with something else professionally shortly after being lucky enough with work with Aurelia for a few years.


@djedi Here’s the deal with that conference. They were going to give me a total of 5 minutes in their keynote and wouldn’t guarantee I could have any other presentation slot. Without another presentation, they would not pay travel expenses. So, basically, they were asking me to take unpaid vacation days from work, buy my own plane ticket, pay for my own hotel, etc. just to have a total of 5min to say something at their relatively small conference. Oh, I wouldn’t have to pay for a ticket. I said “no” to that.

In the future, we do plan on running our own Aurelia conference. We’ll probably start with an online conference and I’m hopeful we can make it free since we’ve got decent funding through Open Collective now. We’re also planning how we can make Aurelia much better known in conjunction with vNext.

Ultimately, a lot of these conferences and even certain well-known newsletters related to front-end development are really just React-centric or focused not on real news or awareness but on lining their own pockets. After speaking at lots of conferences all over the world for many years…I’ve lost respect for a lot of the events and the people who run them. The best events are usually the small ones, organized by people who are passionate, rather than those who are trying to make a buck.

Aurelia isn’t backed by Google or Facebook, so it’s likely it will never be the most popular. Who can compete with the marketing and funding of those companies? However, we do think we can be technically superior, easier, faster, better designed, etc. and we’re committed to our community and our principles, regardless of what craziness the rest of the world wants to adopt.


Excellent points. Angular and React are powered and marketed by two of the most powerful and influential digital marketing engines in the world, and it’s obviously in those orgs’ best interest to get as many others as possible to use their own stuff.

It’s pretty disappointing that the Park City conference wouldn’t/couldn’t offer you a solid presentation slot. Aurelia isn’t as popular as some others but there’s no doubt it is equally robust and deserves to have its moment in the spotlight, if only as an “alternative”.

This weekend is another Utah developer conference – UtahJS, which happens to be one of those smaller, passion-driven conferences you were talking about, Rob. It’s not as fancy as some because it doesn’t have those big pocket-lining sponsorships, but I’ll bet they’d be thrilled to get the creator of Aurelia on board for a serious spot next year, if not a genuine keynote. Utah has a massive developer community that would benefit greatly from hearing from you.

(I have no connection personally to UtahJS.)


Definitely interested :slight_smile:


That makes sense completely. I was at UtahJS and talked with one of the organizers. He said they didn’t have the budget to bring you out. I said, “Was he asking for a lot?” He said, “No, just travel and accommodations, nothing out of the ordinary. But I polled about 15 people and there didn’t seem to be enough interest.” Ugh! :rage:That was frustrating. It is ridiculous they would only give you 5 minutes. You’re right, conferences are becoming a sham and too commercialized. I’m am going to this conference though. I don’t have very high expectations. Our team has a yearly education budget for conferences and I’m sure many of us would love to attend a conference focused on Aurelia.


It will be interesting to see how Aurelia vNext gets marketed and promoted, and if it can somehow overcome the problem of gaining new adopters when perceived lack of users / community is the very reason why someone would choose to go with a more popular alternative.

"...technically superior, easier, faster, better designed, etc"

All great goals. But, sadly, it is often the answers to these questions that have a greater bearing when choosing to invest considerable time learning or adopting a new tech:

  • How popular is it?
  • Will knowing this get me a job?
  • Have my bosses / clients heard of it?
  • Are there lot of questions / answers on Stack Overflow?
  • Are there examples online so I can get a non-trivial thing up and running fast?
  • Do my co-workers / employees want to learn this stuff?
  • Can I send them on a training course or buy some books?
  • Are there lots of online articles and tutorials?
  • Is it well documented (right from the start)?
  • Is it going to be around for a while?
  • Is it backed by Facebook / Google / Twitter etc?
  • Does my IDE support it?
  • Do the UI toolkit vendors support it (I don’t want to have to write a calendar widget from scratch ever again)?

How do you get customers for a new product when there are few existing users? A hard conundrum to solve. Even harder if you can’t just chuck cash at it.


That’s not the whole truth though, Vue is also really popular and is not backed by any huge corporation.


Produce a killer application that everybody will use. This needs developer friendly tooling and 100% working tutorials/examples as a first step on the journey to success on the world stage. It is essential developers full understand quickly the advantages of Aurelia and if anything does not work out of the box it will never be used. Remember that Facebook/Google do not depend on NodeJS. Facebook uses the LAMP stack that is entirely open source (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP - nobody believed it would ever scale well) and Google uses some open source and in house BigTable database (C++, Spanner, Assembly and Python - how many believed that combination would work so well )


This is true. It is growing like gangbusters. Yesterday I learned about vue’s cli and it’s UI tool https://cli.vuejs.org/ - it is pretty cool.