TC-39 (JavaScript) Signals standard proposal

I surprised that Rob didn’t include Aurelia in the list of frameworks.

To develop a complicated user interface (UI), JavaScript application developers need to store, compute, invalidate, sync, and push state to the application’s view layer in an efficient way. UIs commonly involve more than just managing simple values, but often involve rendering computed state which is dependent on a complex tree of other values or state that is also computed itself. The goal of Signals is to provide infrastructure for managing such application state so developers can focus on business logic rather than these repetitive details.

Exciting proposal though. Let’s hope it gets fast-tracked by the browsers.

Is there something I’m missing about signals? I dug into a popular signals library that React users rave about and it’s just an observer pattern. How is this some new discovery/feature, or are front end developers just code jockies that never learned design patterns and how to apply them?