Upcoming Aurelia Conferences/Events?

It will be interesting to see how Aurelia vNext gets marketed and promoted, and if it can somehow overcome the problem of gaining new adopters when perceived lack of users / community is the very reason why someone would choose to go with a more popular alternative.

"...technically superior, easier, faster, better designed, etc"

All great goals. But, sadly, it is often the answers to these questions that have a greater bearing when choosing to invest considerable time learning or adopting a new tech:

  • How popular is it?
  • Will knowing this get me a job?
  • Have my bosses / clients heard of it?
  • Are there lot of questions / answers on Stack Overflow?
  • Are there examples online so I can get a non-trivial thing up and running fast?
  • Do my co-workers / employees want to learn this stuff?
  • Can I send them on a training course or buy some books?
  • Are there lots of online articles and tutorials?
  • Is it well documented (right from the start)?
  • Is it going to be around for a while?
  • Is it backed by Facebook / Google / Twitter etc?
  • Does my IDE support it?
  • Do the UI toolkit vendors support it (I don’t want to have to write a calendar widget from scratch ever again)?

How do you get customers for a new product when there are few existing users? A hard conundrum to solve. Even harder if you can’t just chuck cash at it.

That’s not the whole truth though, Vue is also really popular and is not backed by any huge corporation.

Produce a killer application that everybody will use. This needs developer friendly tooling and 100% working tutorials/examples as a first step on the journey to success on the world stage. It is essential developers full understand quickly the advantages of Aurelia and if anything does not work out of the box it will never be used. Remember that Facebook/Google do not depend on NodeJS. Facebook uses the LAMP stack that is entirely open source (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP - nobody believed it would ever scale well) and Google uses some open source and in house BigTable database (C++, Spanner, Assembly and Python - how many believed that combination would work so well )

This is true. It is growing like gangbusters. Yesterday I learned about vue’s cli and it’s UI tool https://cli.vuejs.org/ - it is pretty cool.

What key factors have contributed to Vue’s success, then? We know it’s not (only) having a great tech. I can’t think of a “killer app” off-hand (correct me if I’m mistaken). It’s not easier than Aurelia, and I’m pretty sure the tooling, docs, and training resources weren’t any better at the point it really took off (although that’s probably changing given its success). Seems to me it still comes down to Marketing…

In as few words as allowed - China

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WeChat apps (HUGE in China) default syntax is inspired by vue.js.

This is a great summary: WeChat mini programs — which development framework choose in 2018?

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I hate to say this but I think Aurelia might have taken off much stronger if aurelia/ux had been invested in more seriously.


Aurelia being presented at the dev up conference in St. Louis

I recently submitted an “Introduction to Aurelia” topic for consideration at the annual dev up conference in St. Louis. This conference has thousands of attendees, sponsors and speakers from the region. I have attended every year for over 10 years, but have never been a presenter. https://www.devupconf.org

Fortunately, my topic has been accepted and on Wednesday, October 16th I will give a 60 minute presentation on Aurelia to hopefully a large audience of developers who choose to attend this session.

I’m pumped to be selected as a presenter for this year’s #DevUp2019 conference, October 14th-16th at the Ameristar Casino in St. Louis Missouri. If you are attending, please come to my session on Wednesday, the 16th @2:15pm in the Vision room.

Don’t bow to your corporate masters - Aurelia, SPA framework for the people
Eric Edgar
Introduction to the Aurelia SPA framework and what sets it apart from Angular (Google) and React (Facebook).
Wednesday (10/16) @ 02:15 in Vision


I’ll be wearing my Aurelia t-shirt during the presentation. There will be multiple Aurelia books on display and I will be giving out a few copies of “Practical App Development with Aurelia” by Matthew Duffield. I also have Aurelia stickers to give away. Thanks @EisenbergEffect for all your help.


A couple of years ago you came to London for a 2-day in depth training session, with learningconnexions if I remember correctly.
Would you be open to do this again when V2 releases? It really kick-started me back then, so if the core team would host something similar on V2 release, me and my colleagues would definitely attend.

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@arnederuwe We are definitely considering something like that. Would you all be equally interested in an online training? I also hosted a live multi-day online training a few years back. We could do that again.


With Vue, even though it is not backed by a Facebook or Google, we have to acknowledge a couple of drivers to Vue’s success. Massive support from the Chinese community. More importantly, being bundled with the Laravel PHP framework (since version 5.3 of Laravel, I believe) also helped (that is how I first heard about Vue). And Evan also used to work at Google and marketing wise, it makes for good marketing when you can say, “Created by an ex-Googler”

In the end, it all comes down to marketing. For Aurelia 2, I am going to make it my mission to organise training, conferences and numerous events around Aurelia 2. People seem to forget that while Vue 1 had some success, it wasn’t on anyone’s radar really until version 2 of Vue came out.

Sadly, for Aurelia 1, it was all a case of bad timing. We debuted when ES2015 was barely supported, transpilers were in a state of flux (TypeScript was not that popular), Babel had not long rebranded from 6to5, Weback was continually putting out breaking releases, JSPM looked like a sure bet and numerous web specifications were in their infancy (Object.observe, Shadow DOM).

Aurelia tried pushing the envelope and developers were not ready for the futuristic vision of Aurelia. We also made the mistake of debuting Aurelia with no documentation followed by a period of rough turbulence where the documentation was lacking, this I believe really set us back.

The timing is right for Aurelia 2. The front-end landscape has settled, TypeScript is growing in popularity and seems like a safe sane bet. The design of Aurelia 2 means smaller bundles, less issues with tooling, better configurability, better performance, better documentation and more future proof.


Yes! I’m looking forward to it :slight_smile:


Online training would be great!
I´ve taken a few courses on pluralsight.com and they have this format called “Play by Play” that I liked a lot. It´s basically two people coding a little piece of software while chatting along.
“Play by Play: Aurelia 2 Quickstart with EisenbergEffect and John Papa” would be awesome. :slight_smile:


I was in that training. It was excellent I would definitely look forward to a V2 even if it looked at things from a developer that wasn’t typically in JavaScript developer. It would give me a chance to reset my skills and see what I have missed since then.


Back in 2017 I contacted Sunny Leggett from https://zeroslopeevents.com/ and got a budget to put together an AureliaConf - similar to the size and scope of the first ng-conf. I’m curious how many people would be interested in coming to Salt Lake City, Utah for a conference. I would hope a lot. I kind of let the idea fall by the wayside. But it would be interesting to at least put together a faux sign-up for to see how many would actually sign up to get an idea for budget. I’d also be curious how many companies would sponsor such an event to keep costs lower for attendees.

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I see they are planning another framework summit in 2020. Any chance Aurelia will be represented this time?

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@djedi Do you have a link or contact?

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I believe the link above is the place to start, unless @djedi has something more direct:


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Yeah, I just contacted Sunny Leggett at zeroslopeevents. zeroslopeevents@gmail.com

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