Using existing Aurelia 1 codebase in native mobile apps


We have a very large application using Aurelia 1. Many screens and custom UI components have been developed. No complaints and very happy with what we have.

We want to take a couple of the existing screens from that app and create a native IPhone/Android app.

Is anyone doing this today with Ionic? If so, how happy are you with the results? Are you able to develop for both the browser and native apps using large parts of the same codebase?

Thanks in Advance.

Cordova, just Cordova. You’ll still get the best performance as it’s the most barebone wrapper besides writing a WebView-only native app. this is an example of Android + Aurelia v1. The app is in german but you should be good with just getting a feeling for how it reacts on your Phone. also @brandonseydel did a stock trading one a while ago as far as I remember, which felt super snappy


Yea I have a repo you can take a look at.