V2 Alpha Releases


I see you are periodically releasing updates to your v2 alpha (which is great), but I can’t see any release notes on GitHub or npm, I can choose to see view the commits in the tag on GitHub, but then I have to grok all of those commits to understand what’s changed.

It would be nice to see what has changes since one of the updates caught me out where the some of the IoC registration methods had changed, I think it was when it moved from alpha.2 to alpha.3.

Now of course I wouldn’t want to cause extra manual effort since that will take time away from development of v2 so maybe there is a GitHub action (or whatever CI/CD pipelines you are using) which can create release notes for you?

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We have the change log generated based on the commits at aurelia/CHANGELOG.md at master · aurelia/aurelia (github.com)

Will this work for you for now? We can definitely do that extra bit if needed.

excellent! this does work indeed, it would be nice to see this here also.